Kanyon Gazete Nisan 2016 / Kanyon Paper April 2016

Kanyon NISAN 2016 yeni04-01

As you know, I am the fashion editor of Kanyon’da, Kanyon Mall’s paper. This month I recreated the costumes of the movie How to be Single and pop singer Emre Altug’s weekend style.

Kanyon NISAN 2016 yeni04-02
Our Brand of the Month is Tumi, a world citizen’s travelling brand, which famous names like George Clooney, David Beckham and even Barack Obama use. Mens’ Trend of the Month is stripes and how to wear them on Free Friday. Style of the Month is the relaxed look with natural textures like suede.
Kanyon NISAN 2016 yeni04-03
Life Saving Piece of the month is a BW jacket. I created 3 styles for the office, weekend and night. The Place to Eat is Kitchenette, to where you should go with an artistic outfit with a little ethnic vibe.
Kanyon NISAN 2016 yeni04-04
In Style Tips, I wrote the colors of the season, rose quartz, serenity and buttercup. And we are comparing earrings this month. Lean and long for round faces and masculine outfits, to elongate the neck with hair down. Round and short for angular faces and feminine outfits with hair up and not recommended for short necks.
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